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The Tiffin-Seneca Entrepreneurial Opportunity Clearinghouse (TSEOC) is an online listing of available franchise, business acquisition, investment, and other start-up business opportunities currently available in Tiffin and Seneca County, Ohio.

It is a new initiative designed to help facilitate the flow of entrepreneurial talent and capital to those opportunities. Over the years in Tiffin and Seneca County, there have been successful businesses that have closed because management was ready to retire, and no family or employees wanted to or were able to assume the business. There have also been franchise opportunities that failed to find the capital and management needed to establish themselves, and some entrepreneurs haven’t been able to find the capital they need to start. TSEOC seeks to help better address these economic needs by providing a place to promote those opportunities.



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If you have any questions about TSEOC or an opportunity that you would like to have listed, please contact Adam Gillmor by email at gillmor@tiffinseneca.org or by phone at 614.725.8086. If you wish to sign up for our email distribution list for opportunities, please also contact Adam Gillmor.

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