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$7,500 & Above

  • Includes all Director, Angel and Investor Level Benefits
  • Guaranteed Seat on any and all Strategic Planning Committees led by TSEP
  • Inclusion on all Studies and Strategic Planning Committees led by TSEP
  • Monthly Direct Email “Insider Report” Featuring Updates on Key Projects and Initiatives



  • Includes all Angel and Investor Level Benefits
  • Annual One-on-One with TSEP President & CEO
  • Voting Seat on the Board of Trustees and Invite to all Meetings
  • Board of Trustees Networking Opportunities
  • Board of Trustees Company Updates
  • Board Retreat Invitation & Participation
  • Board Approval of Budget & Scope



  • Includes all Investor Level Benefits
  • Individualized Briefings
  • Detailed Online Member Profile
  • Content Contribution



  • Announcement Email Alerts
  • Monthly TSEP Newsletter
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Committee Participation
  • Online Recognition
  • Project Referrals
  • Preferred Vendor Status
  • Participation in
  • Roundtables with Elected Officials
  • Invitations to Summer and Winter Outings
  • Invitations to Educational Workshops and Training