Developing the Team, Strategy and Resources Needed to Win

15 Committees

since 2014, TSEP has increased the number of active committees and boards it leads and/or supports from 5 to 15, including

  • Board of Trustees; Executive, Finance, Membership & Events Committees
  • 5 Downtown Committees (Board, Marketing, Retailers, Design, Business Enhancement)
  • Tiffin-Seneca Entrepreneurship Committee
  • Tiffin Community Development Committee
  • Economic Development Committee
  • Ohio Partnership for Water, Industrial & Cyber Security 
  • Northwest Career Ready (Comm & Engagement)
  • Seneca CEO Board of Trustees

140 Volunteers

since 2014, TSEP has increased the number of active committee volunteers from 40 to 140, not including the many additional downtown volunteers and those involved in ad hoc committees.

15 Plans & Studies

Since 2014, TSEP has led or helped lead 8 strategic planning efforts and studies, 5 additional property studies, with 2 currently underway (Northwest Career Ready, and Tiffin-Seneca Entrepreneurship Strategic Plan).

TSEP works diligently to lead development planning and strategy, recruit and retain its talented team, and ensure it has sufficient financial resources are core to mission. It is noteworthy that TSEP is one of the leanest organizations in Ohio in terms of budget relative to staffing (5) and the number of development activities it leads and supports.

In June 2020, the new Multi-Jurisdictional Comprehensive Plan was completed after three years of hard work, and TSEP played a very significant role. The first new community development plan for Tiffin since 1994 is being integrated into the "Dream Big, Tiffin" community development project identification and prioritization process.

Financially, TSEP weathered the storm of 2020 well. A 25% cut in funding by the City and County was offset by a Paycheck Protection Program loan and conservative fiscal management. Unbudgeted administrative fees for the CARES grant program and the retention of our existing members also made the difference. In 2020, the Board of Trustees also approved the sale of the 19 W. Market St. property, as well as the acquisition of the historic 96 S. Washington St. Property in the heart of downtown for TSEP's new location.

In December 2020, the Board approved the hiring of a new operations manager, to add capacity and ensure sustainability of TSEP's current and planned activities. Recruitment was launched at the end of April, and the plan is to bring this person on board in July.