Helping Make Development Happen

TSEP provides four core services to assist businesses with their projects. (1) We provide site selection services, helping companies find suitable space, buildings, and land to operate, as well as being able to research and provide a variety of information needed in order to move forward with a project. (2) We assist companies understand, evaluate, obtain and access, use, and report on various incentive and resource programs. (3) We act as a liaison to remove obstacles and solve problems, assisting with everything from government permitting and regulation to helping them find the right service provider (e.g., banking or construction). (4) We promote the project and the businesses , increasing public awareness, strengthening their relationship with the community , and enhancing their ability to attract talent. 

TH Plastics: Spec Building to Projects

we announced the location of TH PLASTICS' new 112,000 sf facility in November 2020. The origin of the project goes back to 2016, when we put together a committee to work on developing a new spec building. Those efforts eventually bore fruit with the announcement in December 2017 that a new, $2M, 50,000 sf spec building would be built in the Eagle Rock Business Park. We then continued to work with the developer and our partners to market and submit the building for site selection leads. 

We started working with the developer to find an appropriate location for TH PLASTICS in 2019. Throughout 2019 and 2020, we assisted in numerous ways, most extensively with state and local incentives, as well as permitting.

Webster Building