Community development focuses on public-use projects like parks and recreation, education and schools, housing, the environment, transportation and infrastructure, healthcare and safety services, and other assets, resources, and facilities that generate no positive, net tax revenue but are critical for quality life.  

In 2020, Community Development took a big step forward with the implementation of Dream Big, Tiffn.

In 2020, there were 3 major accomplishments in the realm of community development for TSEP:

The grant application for $150,000 in Nature Trails Park improvements was approved by the State of Ohio. Also, the paperwork and reporting related to the last grant (Riverside Park) was completed.

The Multi-Jurisdictional Comprehensive Plan (including Tiffin's plan) was finalized and approved by Tiffin City Council and Seneca County Commissioners. The 23-member Tiffin Community Development Committee, relaunched in 2019, is the group overseeing its implementation.

A completely new process for prioritizing and identifying community development projects was developed, approved, and implemented. It was open to the public, and we received 10 full project proposals and 55 idea submissions. 2 panels (Quality of Life and Health & Human Services) evaluated each proposal and rated them "Priority,""Recommended," Or "Reviewed" based on impact, readiness to move forward, sustainability, financial support, and other factors.

The Tiffin Community Development Committee rated the following projects as Priority for 2021:

  • Tiffin Community Kitchen
  • Court Street Alley Improvement
  • South River Road Trail Improvements
  • Seneca County Cares for Families
  • Bunky Bike Tree

It rated the following projects as Recommended for 2021:

  • South Washington Streetscape Extension
  • Transformation Life Center
  • City of Tiffin Trail Connection
  • Salvation Army Parking Lot Repair ($26K)

Additionally, there were 28 unique ideas for potential future projects submitted.

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