In economic development, one size does not hit all. It is an umbrella term that encompasses encouraging and promoting many types of development activity, each with its own needs, challenges, and opportunities.

TSEP has been engaged in industrial development since its creation in 1983, and starting in 1990, it eventually added community, international, real estate, and infrastructure development as well. In 2014, downtown development was added as a core activity, with the integration of Tiffin Tomorrow, the hiring of Amy Reinhart, and then Main Street certification in 2015. In 2016, workforce development was added with the creation of the first strategic plan. In 2017, technology-based development was added with the initial work on the Ohio Partnership for Water, Industrial, and Cyber Security (OPWICS). Entrepreneurship and rural development became core activities in 2019, with the creation of a Development Manager focusing on those areas and the hiring of Audrey Flood.

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