Are you a business that plans on spending money on the business? Do you need more cash and/or working capital?

Are you thinking about borrowing or financing real estate, equipment, furniture, or other items for the business? Would below market-rate financing be appealing to you? Is it difficult to get a bank to lend you what you need? Do you have other financing challenges? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, there is likely one or more resources below that can assist you.

The TSEP team member designated to assist you navigate these resources generally depends on where you are located or what kind of business you are:

  • Downtown Tiffin – Amy Reinhart
  • Tiffin (Other) and/or Industrial – Aaron D. Montz
  • Rural Seneca County and/or Start-Up Businesses – Adam Gillmor

Alternative Financing


Credit Enhancement

Interest Rate Reduction

Investment Capital


Note: When the TSEP team assists a business obtain a resource, it is indicated by one asterisk*. If the TSEP team directly manages or administers that resource, it is marked with two asterisks**. If it is not marked, it is a business we can help connect you to.