TSEO 2023-01: Flowerland


Basic Information

  • Type of Opportunity: Service Business and Real Estate
  • Opportunity ID: Flowerland / Project Mainline (TSEO 2023-01)
  • Posting Date: February 6, 2023
  • Closing Date: April 1, 2023 or when the seller comes to an agreement with the prospective buyer, whichever comes first.

Description of the Opportunity

The owner of Flowerland in Fostoria, Ohio is looking to retire and sell their business, as well as its associated real estate, to an interested entrepreneur. Over the course of 90 years and three generations, Flowerland has established a reputation for quality and service in the floral business. This reputation has resulted in an established client list and standing orders with other businesses in the area. Currently, the business does approximately $320,000 in sales a year and has two full-time staff. The building contains the business and a residence on the second floor.

Included in the sale is:

  • The business
  • Real estate
  • Client lists and existing orders

The seller is willing to help the buyer learn the business. Depending on the buyer, they are also willing to consider setting up a payment plan to facilitate the sale of the business. The owner is seeking $50,000 for the business and $175,000 for the building.

How to Explore the Opportunity

  • Step 1: Pre-Qualification. Contact Adam Gillmor, TSEP Development Coordinator, at gillmor@tiffinseneca.org or by phone at 614.725.8086 to discuss your interest in the opportunity.
  • Step 2: Further Discussion: After pre-qualification by TSEP, your name and contact information will be passed along to the business owner, who will initiate further discussion if interested.
  • Step 3: Due Diligence. After connecting with the pre-qualified entrepreneurs and businesses of their choosing, the manufacturer will either select one and begin discussions, and the due diligence process will begin for both the seller and purchaser.
  • Step 4: Deal. If due diligence goes well, then the parties will move forward with the deal according to agreed-upon terms. 

To Stay Informed of Future Opportunities

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