Entrepreneurial Opportunity 2022-03: Project Watchface


Basic Information

  • Type of Opportunity: Partnership with Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturer
  • Opportunity ID: Project Watchface (TSEO 2022-03)
  • Posting Date: February 7, 2022
  • Closing Date: April 8, 2022, or when the producer comes to agreement with a prospective partner, whichever comes first.

Description of Opportunity

  • The owner of a successful alcoholic beverage manufacturer is looking for a new or established restaurant partner to collaborate with on a new space in Tiffin.
  • The producer currently produces a range of beverages with plans to expand their offerings further.
  • Currently has 10 employees.
  • The owner is currently looking for a new space to house the joint venture.


  • The producer and restaurant will reside in the same new space but be operated by their individual owners.
  • Each business will own a portion of the joint venture.
  • Employees, once trained, must take a test to demonstrate a knowledge of beer so they can better assist customers.

How To Explore the Opportunity

  • Step 1: Pre-Qualification. Contact Adam Gillmor, TSEP Development Coordinator, at gillmor@tiffinseneca.org or by phone at 614.725.8086 to discuss your interest in the opportunity.
  • Step 2: Further Discussion. After pre-qualification by TSEP, your name and contact information will be passed along to the business owner, who will initiate further discussion if interested.
  • Step 3: Due Diligence. After connecting with the pre-qualified entrepreneurs and businesses of their choosing, the manufacturer will either select one and begin discussions, and the due diligence process will begin for both the seller and purchaser.
  • Step 4: Deal. If due diligence goes well, then the parties will move forward with the deal according to agreed-upon terms.

To Stay Informed of Future Opportunities

  • Please contact Adam Gillmor, gillmor@tiffinseneca.org to be placed on the email list for future opportunities
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