Vanguard-Sentinel Receives $675K Innovative Workforce Grant


Press release provided by Vanguard-Sentinel Career & Technology Centers - December 16, 2021

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Fremont, Ohio: Lt. Governor Jon Husted has announced that Vanguard Sentinel Career & Technology Centers (VSCTC) is among the 54 Ohio school districts to be awarded grant money through the Innovative Workforce Incentive Program. VSCTC was awarded $675,347 of the total $13.5 million that will be used to establish new programs for high school students to earn industry-recognized credentials and complete pre-apprenticeship opportunities in multiple sectors.

New expanded programming will cover manufacturing and engineering, health care, and construction sectors.

VSCTC has implemented a Bronze through Platinum Program model to ensure area students have a multitude of training options available to them. Traditionally, Junior and Senior students participated in the various programs, however through this model, students can now start as early as freshman exploring various career paths to find their interests and Sophomores can now apply for a full program. The Bronze through Platinum programming gives opportunities for 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, and 4 year training programs in their field of choice. Now students are able to start at a younger age, or if not ready to make that decision can decide later and still have an opportunity to receive quality technical training in a specific skill.

This grant provides an opportunity to expand the bronze programming to Seniors who did not take advantage of a Career Tech program, who may be at risk of graduation, or who cannot attend a full program for one reason or another.

“We are known for offering high quality career tech programs and this new multiple entry point model means that more students can take advantage of what we offer,” explains Superintendent Greg Edinger. “Currently we have close to 1,200 students that are benefitting from our technical training, but this grant means we can reach more students while ensuring that our programs remain strong and effective and meet the standards of excellence people expect from us.”

This grant funding will be utilized for:
• Expanding pre-apprenticeship offerings
• Creating options for students to learn both on and off campus at various locations and with various
alternative learning methods via a blending learning environment
• Providing students the opportunity to meet graduation requirements and at the same time be
career ready with an industry recognized credential.
• Aligning the skills students learn in school with the requirements of the labor market

“VSCTC continues to work with our business advisory members, associate schools, and post-secondary partners to meet the needs of the workforce and student needs to be successful after graduation,” said Mr. Edinger. “We understand that there are a large number of open jobs in our area that are going unfilled and these Senior Only credentialing and Pre-Apprenticeship options will give students the skills and credentials needed to assist employers in filling these positions in our region.”

Vanguard-Sentinel Career & Technology Centers have been providing quality career technical education since 1968. The district provides students with specific, marketable skills to begin a career, pursue further training or attend college. For more information, visit

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