USDA Housing Programs

Image removed. The US Department of Agriculture not only assists with loan and grant programs for businesses in rural communities, but also provides programs for home repair and ownership. Listed below are some of those programs: Home Repair Loan Program provides up to $20,000 in loan financing to help very low income applicants in rural areas improve their living conditions and assist with needed home repairs. Terms include 1% interest and can extend up to 20 years. Loans less than $7,500 do not require a mortgage. Loans may be made for repairs to improve or modernize homes, or to remove health and safety hazards. The dwelling to be repaired must be located in a rural area eligible for Rural Development programs. Applicants must own and occupy the home to be repaired. Home Repair Grant Program applicants must be at least 62 years of age and lack repayment ability for a 504 loan. Loan/grant combinations are possible when the applicant has repayment ability for a portion of the financial assistance needed. .There is a lifetime grant limit of $7,500. Grants must be used to correct health and safety conditions, not used to make cosmetic or convenience changes to the home. Once your eligibility is confirmed and the application is complete, a representative from Rural Development will visit your property to further assess. Home Ownership Direct Loans provide financing for individuals and families who cannot obtain credit from other sources to purchase homes in rural areas. All applicants must meet eligibility requirements. Applications are received at the Rural Development office serving the area where the house will be located. Funds may be used to purchase suitable existing homes, new site built homes, approved modular units, and new manufactured units from an approved dealer/contractor. Funds may also be used to repair or remodel homes, or to make the home accessible and usable for the disabled. Loans may be made for up to 100% of the appraised value of the site and the home. The maximum repayment period is 33 years. Based on household income, payment assistance can further reduce your mortgage payment. For more information on any of the above programs, contact the Findlay Area Office at 419-422-0242 or or Guaranteed Rural Housing Program includes 100% financing, no downpayment, affordable mortgage insurance, 30 years fixed interest rate, flexible credit and qualifying guidelines, no maximum purchase price, and closing costs, legal fees, and other eligible costs may be rolled into the loan. Applicants must have a steady and dependable income, demonstrate a reliable credit history with the ability and willingness to repay debts when they are due, and meet Rural Development’s “Adjusted” income limits for the county in which they are purchasing. For more information, contact Vince Paumier at 614-255-2404,, or
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