Tiffin Metal Products announces additional expansion

Image removed.Tiffin Metal Products recently announced a $100,000, 25,000 square foot storage expansion to their Tiffin facility. This expansion comes on the heels of their 2015 announcement of a $750,000 three-year expansion plan, following the success of their SST Gravity Shoot. "The three-year expansion and this project are related, as the business we are chasing has led to larger products that require more space. It all goes hand in hand," Tiffin Metal Products CFO Tim Demith said. The 2015 expansion announcement followed the development of the SST Gravity Shoot, a TMP exclusive design used in package shipping, most notably Amazon distribution centers. TMP also produces half of the billboard frames in America as well as lockers and other custom fabricated products. The 25,000 square foot addition will be a storage area for these large projects. TMP currently employs nearly 100 workers, 15-20 of which were added in the past several months as production has increased. The plant currently runs a complete first shift, with 10-12 workers on second shift. As production continues to increase, these numbers may change. About Tiffin Metal Products Established in 1903, Tiffin Metal Products is a custom solutions provider serving the outdoor advertising, material handling and storage product industries. It operates out of a 110,000 square foot facility in the heart of Tiffin’s Wall Street industrial district, and is well-known for its Sentinel law enforcement wardrobe, weapons, and evidence lockers as well as its Tiffin Outdoor billboard frame systems, which are used in almost half of the billboards in the US. Learn more at .
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