Tiffin cuts crime again to historic lows

Image removed. Press Release from the City of Tiffin - Feb. 2, 2015 The Tiffin Police Department's Mission Statement states that we are committed to providing a safe community by reducing crime through prevention, education and enforcement of the law and for the second straight year the UCR (Uniformed Crime Report) Part I Crimes have decreased in the City of Tiffin. There was a 6.7% decrease when comparing 2013 to 2014 in the overall Part I Crime.  (See chart below and attachment for more details.) This is following a 60.3% decrease from the Part I Crimes in 2012 to 2013. (See below chart for a 6 year look back on the Part I stats). This is a direct result to our commitment to tackling the hard crimes in Tiffin whether they are drug busts, robberies, burglaries, thefts, or just the everyday nuisance type crimes. It is our belief that by tackling the small problems some of the big problems will disappear. There is a direct nexus to drug crimes and burglaries and larcenies. The Uniform Crime Report represents statistics submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, The eight crimes shown below are known as the Crime Index. They provide the "apples to apples" comparison from one jurisdiction to another - from one State to another. Since most States have different laws, this reduction to the simplest elements and crimes provide for a valid State-to-State comparison. All departments are responsible to collect this Part I information and forward it to the FBI. Image removed.
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