Tiffin Community Reinvestment Area #1

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Tiffin Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) #1 is located in downtown Tiffin. It is a CRA established prior to the 1994 change in state law; such a CRA is often referred to as a "pre-1994" CRA. Please refer to the main article on CRAs for general information. This article provides information on the benefits and process for obtaining a CRA tax exemption in Tiffin CRA #1. You can find the most recent legislation and map here - legislationmap.

Benefits - Fixed

In a pre-1994 CRA, the benefit levels are fixed and not subject to negotiation or approval by any legislative body. They are as follows:

  • Renovation of residential property (two units or less) - 10 years, 100 percent
  • Renovation of residential (more than two units), commercial or industrial property - 12 years, 100 percent
  • New construction of residential, commercial, or industrial property - 15 years, 100 percent


  • Step 1 - Contact Amy Reinhart at TSEP, reinhart@tiffinseneca.org or by cell at 419.619.5517.
    • Amy can verify the project is in the CRA and help determine if there are any other resources that can help the project.
    • Amy can also determine if the project needs to go through the Architectural Board of Review (ABR) approval process.
    • Amy will bring in Nick Dutro, development manager, (dutro@tiffinseneca.org or cell 419.767.0328) to manage the CRA process.
  • Step 2 - Draft and send a quick "letter of intent." Once Step 1 has been completed, an email and/or letter should be sent to Nick for Seneca County Auditor Julie Adkins (jadkins@seneca-county.com). It needs to identify the parcels involved, amount of investment, business doing the investment, and timing.
  • Step 3 - Complete the project.
  • Step 4 - Fill out and submit application to Nick. He will review the application and verify the project has been completed. Application should include a copy of the Building Permit and Occupancy Permit (for commercial properties) and record of the work done and costs associated, with either supporting documents or a written and signed affidavit. This document will need to equal the total cost of the abatement being sought. The housing officer may make an inspection of the property to confirm that the stated improvements were completed.
  • Step 5 - If it is determined that the project needs to get ABR approval, the housing officer will fill out any necessary paperwork and send it to secretary of the ABR. Application must be made with the ABR no later than one week prior to their next meeting.
  • Step 6 - Concurrently, the housing officer will send completed application to the school district. There is a 14-day waiting period after the letter is received.
  • Step 7 - Completed application will be sent to the County Auditor for review, and if the project is eligible and the application is complete, she will issue a letter notifying the applicant that the project (property improvements) will be exempted.

Program Contact

For additional information or questions, please contact Amy Reinhart, Downtown Main Street Manager at TSEP, reinhart@tiffinseneca.org or by cell at 419.619.5517.

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