SIEDC Seeks Input on New Name

Image removed.Following our two-year branding process, the Board of Trustees of the Seneca Industrial and Economic Development Corp. (SIEDC), discussed and decided that it is time to update its name. A lengthy process ensued and the choices have been narrowed down to two. We are hoping our members and any interested member of the general public would provide their input (vote) on which of the two they like best.  The choices are:
  • Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership
  • Tiffin-Seneca Development Partnership
You can vote here - We look to close the survey around August 21, and we expect to announce the new name next month. The two most popular choices among the Board have two things in common. One, they incorporate Tiffin into the name, while maintaining our identity as a county economic development organization. The Board felt that as the majority of the County economic development outside of Fostoria (which is primarily managed by the Fostoria Economic Development Corporation) occurs in Tiffin, as we do community development and downtown development for Tiffin, and as they are our largest funder by far, that should be recognized in our name. In addition, the center city-county name combination is common today. Findlay-Hancock County Economic Development is one example. It is also clearer to outside customers that we represent Tiffin for economic development. Two, they both move from the word Corporation to Partnership. It was thought that this more adequately represented how we do things (in collaboration and partnership) in Tiffin and Seneca County, embraces and expresses better our new brand and competitive advantage (A Life Connected, which is all about the connections and partnership we have here). It also articulates that SIEDC itself is a public-private partnership, with significant funding, support, and board representation from both the public and private sectors. The two choices, of course, are close, but they have a slightly different feel and emphasis. One (Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership) emphasizes more our purpose - why we exist - which is to positively impact the economy. Everything we do--whether it is economic, community, and/or downtown development--seeks to stimulate and grow the economy. The other (Tiffin-Seneca Development Partnership) emphasizes more our mission - how we do that - by facilitating development projects, investment, and the creation and retention of jobs. Both are valid and broad reflecting our wide scope of activity.
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