PT Services - 45 years in Seneca County

Image removed.Meet Mark Somodi, the CEO and Administrator of PT Services Rehabilitation, Inc., a healthcare provider offering physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and athletic training services. Their headquarters and administrative office is located on the south end of Tiffin at 2550 S. SR 100, and this year they are celebrating 45 years in business. PT Services has been incorporated since 1972, with its humble beginnings right here in Tiffin! Today, the Ohio-based company has 308 employees and manages seven out-patient clinics, six hospital contracts, 25 school district contracts and two nursing home contracts while also providing workplace therapy across the state of Ohio. In 2011, PT became an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) company, turning ownership over to their employees. The company is in a trend of steady expansion. "We grew from 260 employees to 308 over the past 5 years," Somodi said. "Our company currently services the state of Ohio and our development group is making great strides in the state of Indiana." Somodi has been with the company for 22 years and is continually improving the business through employee education and engagement. His management includes the "Somodi Principles" which are collaboration, cohesiveness, communication, education and trust. Part of their growth relies on the retention and hiring of employees to fulfill long-term relationships. Since becoming an ESOP company, Somodi says turnover is down and employees are very involved in the operation of the business. He also stressed the importance of changing with the times and using social media to reach prospective employees and new customers. "It's hard to find licensed therapists, and people aren't going to the newspaper to find a job anymore," Somodi said. "Social media is a great recruiting tool and creates a pool of potential employees."
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