Local High School Students Swim with “Sharks”


From a press release from Seneca County CEO.

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CEO Program Participants Present Business Concepts to Local Business Members in a Pitch Competition, like the show “Shark Tank”.

Students of Seneca County CEO wade into unchartered water as they plan to participate in a Pitch Competition, presenting their individual business concepts to a panel of local experts on March 28. As students continue to refine their business in anticipation of bringing it to market at the local trade show in May, the pitch competition acts as a sort of pressure test for the students’ elevator pitch of their business.

Like the TV show, Shark Tank, CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) participants present their business concepts to a panel of local business leaders who provide feedback on the vision, potential, and marketing of each business.

For the students, they are forced to develop a concise pitch for their business that includes both the big picture vision as well as the little picture details like revenue and cost projections that is delivered in a public forum. Though the Pitch Competition is often stressful for the students, it is cited as one of the best CEO experiences. Students are able to experience the value not only of the preparation required of public speaking, but also the doors that can be opened by connecting with community members who can see and share the vision of these young entrepreneurs and provide them with timely advice from their own business experiences.

One of the many ways the Seneca County CEO program equips students with authentic, real-life experiences, the Pitch Competition is a unique challenge for these high school students to apply the lessons and skills they are learning daily as they visit local businesses, interact with community leaders, and develop their own businesses.

Please join us on March 28 at Tiffin University as these six students pitch their business ideas to a local panel of local business owners. Event will begin promptly at 6pm in the TU Chisholm Auditorium.

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