Health Commissioner requiring open businesses to submit justification


Updated 4/2/2020.

Here is the official letter to businesses.

On March 30, 2020, Seneca County Health Commissioner Beth Schweitzer communicated in her Local Briefing (see 5:30 mark on video below) and via official letter that she wants all open businesses to submit a statement of justification to her via email as to why they are "essential." Certain businesses--like grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants with take out, hospitals--are obviously essential and do not need to fulfill this new requirement, but all others that are remaining open and have not yet done so need to.

We spoke to Health Commissioner Schweitzer today, and she affirmed her deep commitment to this community and understands how difficult and unprecedented these times are, but with the first death occurring recently, the community's health is her foremost concern. Important to note is that she does have the authority to shut down a business if, in her opinion, it is not an essential business.

The statement and any other questions can be submitted via email to
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