Governor Provides Layoff Aversion Relief to Ohio Employers


This press release came out at last week (July 9, 2020) from the Ohio Dept. of Job & Family Services. If you want more information, please contact Carol Kern, Business Services Liaison (contact information in right margin).

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COLUMBUS, OHIO – Ohio employers will not be charged for layoff aversion benefits paid to employees as a result of an Executive Order issued last week by Governor Mike DeWine. On July 2, Governor DeWine signed Executive Order 2020-26D, enabling the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) to draw down federal funding authorized under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act for the purpose of paying SharedWork Ohio compensation through the end of this year.

“Governor DeWine’s executive order will help make layoff aversion an even better option in Ohio,” said ODJFS Director Kimberly Hall. “Ohio employers are looking for ways to keep their workers on the payroll as we fight through the COVID-19 pandemic, and this will provide some of the help they need to make that possible.”

SharedWork Ohio is the state’s layoff aversion program that allows workers to remain employed and employers to retain trained staff during times of reduced business activity. As a part of the program, participating employers agree to reduce the affected employees’ hours, between 10% and 50%, for up to 52 weeks. In return, those employees receive SharedWork compensation (which is a prorated unemployment benefit) and, while federally available, may also receive the Pandemic Unemployment Compensation benefit each week. The program is easy to use and gives employers flexibility within the bounds of the law. Since March 15, ODJFS has approved 1,680 SharedWork Ohio plans for 909 employers, which has benefited 46,352 participating employees.

The Executive Order, which applies to both public and private employers, directs ODJFS not to charge the accounts of any individual employers who are participating in SharedWork Ohio through December 26. Participating employees may receive SharedWork Ohio compensation for up to 26 weeks. Employees who work for employers on a seasonal, temporary or intermittent basis are not eligible. Participating employers may receive retroactive credits for any SharedWork Ohio bills paid dating back to March 29.

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