Good Steward Brewery To Open At Site of Former Tiffin Brewery


Aims become one of the most unique breweries in America

Tiffin, Ohio – March 11, 2024 – The Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership is thrilled to announce the opening of Seneca County’s fourth brewery, the Good Steward Brewery at the location of the former Tiffin Brewery. Owned by Jaime Navarrete and Yolanda Gonzales, Good Steward Brewery is set to open its doors just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, breathing new life into the historic 277 Wall Street address.

Jaime and Yolanda, captivated by the potential of the brewery, seized the opportunity when it came up for auction earlier this year. Although new to the brewing industry, the couple, with their diverse business experience, is eager to restore and elevate the brewing legacy of the Tiffin community. To help achieve this vision, they have enlisted Rose Nguyen as the production manager, tasked with reviving beers once enjoyed at the former Tiffin Brewery.

The Good Steward Brewery is more than just a place for craft beer enthusiasts – it is a hub for live entertainment. Featuring comedy nights, live music, and more, the brewery aims to provide a diverse range of experiences for patrons. Additionally, the establishment plans to host a "Best Home Brew" contest, allowing the winner the unique opportunity to brew their beer at Good Steward Brewery for distribution throughout the community.

The brewery, however, is only just the beginning. The incredibly civic-minded Jaime and Yolanda have founded STEMMUnity Inc, a not-for-profit agency which will operate from the spacious warehouse adjacent to the brewery. After any reinvestment in the business, any profit generated by the Good Steward Brewery will be donated to STEMMUnity, to build a state-of-the-art STEM lab designed to foster education in Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, with an added emphasis on Music.

Jaime Navarrete expressed his excitement, stating, "Our aim is not just to be a place for great beer; but to provide a space to inspire creative minds and provide community enrichment."

Nina, the daughter of Jaime and Yolanda, serves as the inspiration behind the "M" in STEMMUnity, representing Music. Nina will operate a music studio on-site, offering lessons, recording sessions, and facilitating community engagement through open mic and jam sessions. The STEMMUnity lab will boast 3-D printing capabilities, a range of mechanical devices for learning, computers, and more, making it a premier educational resource, something which will benefit countless youths in Seneca County.

Yolanda Gonzales added, "Our intention is not to get rich ourselves; but to enrich lives and foster creative minds. Good Steward Brewery and STEMMUnity are our contributions to a vibrant, thriving community."

Tiffin Ohio Mayor Lee Wilkinson shared his enthusiasm, saying, "The Good Steward Brewery and STEMMUnity represent a tremendous investment in our community's future. Jaime and Yolanda's vision aligns perfectly with Tiffin's commitment to innovation and community development."

The Good Steward Brewery is poised to become a beacon of creativity, community, and education, symbolizing the power of entrepreneurship and philanthropy. The Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership in cooperation with Good Steward Brewery and STEMMUnity will host an informational event prior to its opening for community leaders and businesses who wish to get involved with the new STEM lab. In addition, a presentation will be made at Tiffin City School’s Art & Music Festival on April 19th and 20th to showcase the potential of STEMMUnity and student inventions.

About the Good Steward Brewery

Good Steward Brewery was founded in 2024 by Yolanda Gonzales and Jaime Navarrete, both coming out of retirement to begin the endeavor. The couple has experience running small business and views the creation of Good Steward Brewery as a way to partner with their not-for-profit organization, STEMMUnity to benefit the community in many ways. The name says it all as Yolanda and Jaime wish to be Good Stewards of the future generations of creative minds in Tiffin and Seneca County. Good Steward Brewery anticipates opening on or before Memorial Day Weekend, 2024.

About STEMMUnity Inc.

STEMMUnity was founded and recognized as a non-profit organization in 2019. Yolanda Gonzales has been leading the Tiffin Middle School Computer Programming Club since 2013, having secured several grants and donations to bolster the program. Jaime Navarrete has been leading students on weeklong summer field trips to the University of Toledo Instrumentation Center since 2015 as well as being a mentor at the Columbian High School Advanced Science Club. Once completed STEMMUnity will be a state-of-the-art STEM (Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology + Music) lab, offering educational opportunities for youths in Seneca County.

About the Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership

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