Downtown coffee company expands into roasting

Image removed.Bailiwicks Coffee Company, located at the corner of Perry St. and S. Washington St. in downtown Tiffin, got a new addition on Sunday: a coffee roaster. In the near future, Bailiwicks will be serving up their own signature brews, roasted in-house. “This expansion allows us to have more control over the quality and the artistry of the coffee that our customers love,” explains Bailiwicks owner and founder, Jessica Wirth Williams. “It opens up an entire new side of business.” The new coffee line will help to create a solid Bailiwicks Coffee brand to be served in her store, bagged and sold to customers, and supplied to other coffee shops, specialty shops and much more. The roaster is located at the front of the coffee shop, near the counter and in front of the windows on S. Washington St. where it can be seen by passers-by. Jess hopes the up-front location will enhance customers’ experiences. “It’s more about the experience and the atmosphere than just the cup of coffee,” Jess said. As she works to perfect her technique, Jess will be ordering her green coffee beans from a specialty roaster out of Cleveland. “It’s a little more expensive,” she said, “but there is a lot of research, development and technique needed before beginning bulk orders. In time, I will define the blends and profiles to better know what I’ll need moving forward.” Bailiwicks Coffee Company was founded in 2011, and the coffee shop opened its doors in 2012. Jess said coffee has always been in her bailiwick – a special area of interest. “I have always been obsessed with coffee—it engages each of the five senses; it is a culture and a movement; and it is a daily part of life. This is an exciting expansion, and I look forward to continuing to provide high quality coffee products from beautiful downtown Tiffin!”
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