6 ways to connect with us

Last week, I put up a new "Connect" page, but I didn't post it. In order to make sure the regular followers of this blog get a copy, I'm posting it here. The Seneca Industrial and Economic Development Corp. (SIEDC) has a variety of news and information publications available to the general public and which are designed to be viewable on mobile devices as well as PCs: Image removed.1. Seneca Success Mobile Monthly - this monthly eNewsletter features commentary by me, the 5 most popular blog posts of the previous month, the top 5 economic development stories, and 5 resources for business. It is in headline format, is short, brief, designed to be easy to read mobile phones in mind. You can sign up here, email me at zak@senecacounty.org, or text "SenecaSuccess" to 22828. Past and current issues:
  • April 2014 - annual meeting + export assistance
  • March 2014 - top 10 in economic development (out of 576) + small business financing
  • February 2014 - top 5% in economic development + workforce development
Image removed.2. Success Report - our version of the annual report. We just published our 2014 Success Report, which you can read in .pdf or online viewing format. 3. Social Media - we are fairly active on a number of social media platforms. People interact with us most, though, on the following three:
  • Facebook - reaching about 1,400 a week
  • Twitter - 4600 tweets, almost 5000 followers.
  • Instagram - 900+ posts (photos)
4. Seneca Success Blog - we publish one to three posts a week on our WordPress blog (here). With this post, we've hit 30 published and almost 5,000 views. You can have any new post delivered to your email by signing up here or you can also follow this blog via WordPress. Image removed. 5. Press Releases - we periodically put out press releases to the media and interest public. If you would like to be put on this list, please email me. An example would be our release "Seneca County a top ten location in US for economic development." 6. Town Center Times - this monthly eNewsletter (in development) will feature Tiffin's great downtown events, businesses, experiences, history, and people. We'll work to keep this page updated on regular basis.  
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