2018 Downtown Summit - Recap

Image removed.SIEDC celebrated Downtown Tiffin in the fourth annual Downtown Summit on May 16. The program offered a review of the successes of 2017 and a look forward to 2018, as well as a preview of the East Green community park, and award presentations. Highlights from the program include:
  • Investment numbers: In 2017 we had 20 completed facade projects, 10 new businesses, 41 new jobs, the East Green Amphitheater project and an infrastructure project resulting in a total of $5.1 million invested downtown last year.  We are only in May of 2018 and we've already had the completion of the new Seneca County Justice Center and 11 completed city Facade Enhancement Grant projects resulting in $15.9 million already invested downtown this year.
  • Facade numbers: This year (2018), we had 12 approved city facade projects which will result in $570,000 in building renovations.  Since the inception of the program in September 2014, we have had 64 project approvals resulting in nearly $2.2 million of investment in our beautiful, historic downtown buildings.  This program is one of the most successful facade programs in the state of Ohio and was recognized last spring in "Revitalize Magazine" for the success of the program.  We are also scheduled to be recognized in the upcoming summer issue of Cities and Villages Magazine, run by the Ohio Municipal League, for the continued success of the program.  This program has been a catalyst for growth in the downtown. Building renovations help to draw new retail and restaurants (36 new businesses have opened since January 2015), as well as upper floor housing.
East Green In a video presentation, Andrew Kalnow recapped the progress of the East Green Ampitheater project and unveiled the upcoming seven performance East Green Summer Concert Series. In the video, he also gave the community a sneak peek at Phase II of the project. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZvmLpgP23c?rel=0&w=560&h=315]   Downtown Awards
  • The 2018 Business Legacy Award was presented to Diane Hassinger and Jolly's.
  • The 2018 Downtown Entrepreneurial Award was presented to Zoe Dolch and Spenser Blackiston of Washington Street Outfitters.
  • The 2018 Downtown Development Award was presented to Dave and Angie Spridgeion for The Renaissance of Tiffin.
  • The 2018 Downtown Achievement Award was named for Anne Gase, in a presentation by Brian Bilger. The newly dedicated Anne Gase Downtown Achievement Award was presented to Brent T. Howard.
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