Zeis Development investing $10 million in condominiums


Up to 48 units to be built in three locations

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This picture shows an example of a condominium unit that Zeis Development recently constructed, which will be similar in look to many of the units the company is planning to construct soon.

Image removed.TIFFIN, OHIO – Sept. 14, 2020 – Zeis Development is announcing today that it will be constructing up to 48 condominium units in Tiffin at three sites across the city. The total project cost is anticipated to be an investment of $10 million for new residential housing development.

Image removed.Zeis Development is currently working to clear woods and constructing infrastructure for 28 units that will be built on eight acres of land on Euclid Avenue, near the Seneca County Fairgrounds. Each unit is to be about 1,400 square feet and have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a two-car garage and a full basement. These units are expected to be priced below $200,000.

A second phase of the project includes up to eight condominium units on Greenfield Street, with construction expected to begin in the fall of 2021. These will be similar to the units on Euclid. A third phase includes 13 higher-end models to be built on the south side of Tiffin.

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This map shows locations of condominium units to be constructed along Euclid Avenue.

Rich Zeis, owner of Zeis Companies, said, “Tiffin is growing and there is a real need for more housing in our community. I’m happy that we’re able to help meet this need.”

Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz said, “The results of the city-funded housing study released last year show there is a significant need for more residential development in the City of Tiffin. I’m excited to see that Rich Zeis is investing in the community and providing quality housing options for our residents.”

Additionally, Zeis Development is to expand North 53 Storage, 995 N. Sandusky St., with an additional 60 units — including some climate controlled units — and an office space. The 11,000 square foot addition is a $500,000 investment to accompany the existing 200 units at the site.

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