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SBA hosting small business forum

Press Release provided by U.S. Small Business Administration

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U.S. Small Business Administration is hosting a small business forum, “A Look Ahead…Resources Small Businesses will need for the Future,” Thursday, Sept. 26 at 9:30 a.m.- 11 a.m. on WebEx.

This webinar is hosted by Area 3 IRS Stakeholder Liaison. Our speakers will include a wide range of area business representatives that will focus on our Forum topic. IRS presenters will also provide updates. Since space is limited, this invitation is extended to organizational leaders and no more than 5 of their members and/or coworkers (or use a conference room with just one connection to this event for more persons to attend).

To join: 5 -10 minutes before the start time, FIRST join the web portion of the meeting by clicking on the link here.

(Note: Windows Edge is not supported by WebEx at this time.)

If you have not been on WebEx before, you may need to install WebEx to join the meeting. When you click “Join the meeting,” you will be directed to download the WebEx Client Application (this takes about 5 minutes) or run a temporary application for just this session (either should work). Once you have finished the download (or if you’ve been on WebEx before), your next step is to click on the “join” link for your meeting. You will then see a series of screens for audio as you enter the meeting. Follow the instructions shown to get audio.

To join the audio portion once you are on the web – there are 3 audio options:

1. Choose audio via computer if you have speakers and a microphone on your computer.

2. Have the system call you on the phone (enter your phone number).

3. Last choice, if neither of the above works, call the number below and enter the meeting number and then your attendee number. The attendee ID number will show up in the Meeting Info tab once you have joined the web portion.

855-865-6792 (IRS WebEx External) 304-579-6720 (Alternate Number)

Meeting Number: 991 803 846

Access Code: 991 803 846

(This meeting does not require a password.)

When you are in our session, we will take questions through the Chat Box at the bottom right of your screen. A Q&A is scheduled for later in this forum.

We will also ask organizational leaders at this event to give a brief introduction of themselves and their organization…. a good networking opportunity!

Once again, please sign in at least 5-10 minutes beforehand to verify your connection.

We look forward to your participation in our forum. Thank you!

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